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Feb 4. NO SEABUG in January!
Lake Washington Institute of Technology, room T124, 11605 132nd Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034. Here's a map, we're in the technology center. Try to take the North entrance, and enter the first parking lot on the right.
First off, there's a Facebook group. Go join! Other stuff:
  • Lake Washington's added a Blender Club! For those of you active in the campus, come hear about it more.
  • Also, I've been playing with all the ways you can use photographs to make nice photo textures.
  • Also, people have been asking about cleanup processes for photogrammetry; remember in August when we scanned all that stuff? So I'll show some techniques to turn that insane 3 billion poly mesh into a clean, usable mesh, and get that 8K texture with kerploded UVs into something pretty.
  • YOUR cool project
If you have a project or tutorial you'd like to show, we'd love to see it! And if one topic is driving you bonkers, we'll cover it!

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Seabug meets (usually) every month on (usually) the first Saturday of every month, from 2 to 5:30 PM.

Seabug's goals are to help beginners learn Blender, create Blender opportunities in the Pacific Northwest, showcase advanced Blender tools and projects, and complain about Autodesk.

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